This little lady was 11 days old when we did this shoot. Her mother, Zoey, thought that she would be asleep at that time because she had been for the few days prior to it. But, no. She was wide awake! The heat was up in the room to keep her warm and sleepy, we were all sweating to death. I got such a work out! I took these photos in Josh and Zoey’s home and I was jumping up to take photos and then oh-so elegantly flopping down to hit the ground and get a different angle. There was only a matter of seconds between her out burst to tears. I, like many other people my age — especially men– I have not given  birth to a child. So we had no idea what she wanted! We tried rocking her, shh-ing her, feeding her. Nothing seemed to work. All I could think about “Poor little girl! This must be so weird!” And to top it off, when I was done taking photos… She fell asleep. I definitely learned a lot, and we still got some good photos!

DSC_2028 DSC_2003-Edit-Edit DSC_2003 DSC_1994 DSC_1919 DSC_1855 DSC_1819 DSC_1803 DSC_1644 DSC_1310 DSC_1202 DSC_1190 DSC_1167

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