I love ballerinas! I took some ballet classes when I was younger, but I never stuck with it. In class I always imagined how graceful I was, but I quickly learned my elegance was merely an illusion. And that makes me admire the dedication and determination it takes to become a ballerina even more. The hours and hours a week it takes to get better and all the blisters that come with it!
I just love being around passionate people, people who know what they want and won’t let anything get in the way of their goals. It’s contagious! Romey is definitely passionate about preforming, and it is very evident she is a natural. This young lady was freezing to death because it started snowing outside! But, that didn’t scare her at all, and she hung in there like a champ!  It seems to be an on going theme in my work. People outside freezing for the sake of some pretty pictures! I’m just glad they put up with me!

DSC_2957DSC_2665-EditDSC_2730DSC_2550-Edit DSC_2439-Edit


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