Other People’s Bathrooms

Whitman has a small quarterly publication called Quarterlife. Quarterlife’s last submission theme was “Other People’s Bathrooms.” I was very excited to submit some of my work, but I had no idea how to use the theme. I thought to myself, “What do I do with that? Do a photo shoot in the bathroom?” After a bit of contemplation, that is exactly what I did.
My friends Angela and Kari were onboard with the idea as soon as I presented it to them. I came up with the idea only a few days before spring break, and I really wanted to do the shoot while I had the momentum, opposed to waiting 2 or 3 weeks to get around to it. I just get so excited and I want everything to happen at the rate the ideas are pouring out of my brain. As I have realized, it doesn’t quite work that way.
We did this shoot bright and early at 8am! So, we had to work around our sleepily-confused housemates trickling in to wash their faces and brush their teeth. We played super loud music, pretended like we were super models, and filled the bathtub full of bubbles. It’s always a surprise to me how much fun we have making these things happen. I think the biggest way I have been able to grow is by saying “yes” to my crazy ideas and making them come true.

Alecia Lindsay number 1_DSC_4723 Alecia Lindsay Number 2_ DSC_4776 Alecia Lindsay number 3_DSC_4198 Alecia Lindsay Number 4_DSC_4871 Alecia Lindsay Number 5DSC_5504

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